I was tagged by kinkashton! I don’t actually take a lot of selfies, so half of these are already on my blog whoops. I tag moanzayns paynefullydeep itsprobablyharry mpreglarry roverslouis leavemepayne payneclinic bangslashton boyfriendpayno and anyone else who wants to do this :)


in honor of the fourth anniversary of one direction, a moment of silence for everything else i could have been doing with my life

Harry riding his motorcycle in Brentwood - July 22, 2014 


remember when near the end of up all night harry was just totally done with the others fucking with him during his solo 



when ur song come on and ur six drinks deep


Reblog this and in the tags put your first 1D URL


The beautiful thorday tagged me for the 6 selfie thing ❤️

I tag beneager, scandalousfemale, ohsofitting, saroo-hawks and jordaanstaal :)

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